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Oregon Collects $25.5M in Cannabis Taxes Since January 2017!

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon has processed $25.5 million in tax payments from recreational marijuana from January through the end of July.

The state’s Department of Revenue says medical marijuana dispensaries were required to file their second-quarter returns for recreational marijuana by Aug. 1.

Oregonians legalized recreational marijuana in late 2014.

But it can only be sold by medical marijuana dispensaries until the Oregon Liquor Control Commission finalizes rules for the new industry. That’s expected to happen by next year.

Medical marijuana dispensaries started collecting a 25 percent tax on their recreational marijuana sales in January.

Anticipated state revenue from recreational marijuana through June 2017 was recently quadrupled by Oregon’s Legislative Revenue Office.

The expected amount rose from $8.4 million to $35 million. Recreational marijuana is illegal in 46 states and under federal law.


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Starting June 2nd can buy recreational marijuana pot-infused edibles and extracts!

Oregon continues its early roll out of recreational marijuana sales next month by allowing people to buy pot-infused edibles and extracts.

Since October, anyone 21 and older can buy a limited amount of marijuana flowers, starter plants and seeds.



Top 5 Cannabinoids that Heal Your Body and Mind

Did you know that there are 480 chemical compounds in the cannabis plant? We don’t know yet how all of them affect the human body, but the more researchers look, the more medicinal benefits they find. In fact, Dr. Abrams, chief of oncology at San Francisco General Hospital and integrative medicine specialist at UCSF points out: “if marijuana were discovered in the Amazon today, it’d be front-page news worldwide, a miracle drug.”